“Being people who sleep in different positions during the night, it seemed impossible for us to find a pillow that would provide proper support but not cause discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and lower back.  That is, until we tried the “Crown Side-Sleeper Pillow” from Cloudz, Cloudz Mattress Gallery.  This pillow is truly amazing and provides us with the best sleep we’ve had in years.  Many thanks to Jamie and Gerard at Cloudz for the recommendation and prompt delivery . . . you both have changed our sleep forever!”
 – Amy and Randy, Austin, TX
“After testing many mattresses in stores in the area, I decided to get a memory foam from Cloudz.  They were so helpful and delivered and set up the bed quickly at my convenience.  I loved the mattress so much that I decided to put one in the guest room as well.  It will be set up this week as soon as I let them know I am back in town and ready for it.  I would recommend them to anyone… their prices are better than anywhere I looked (including online) and the service was great.”
– Sharon Wilson, Haughton, LA
“Dear Cloudz Mattress Gallery, after wasting so much money over the years trying to find pillows that would relieve the constant crick in my neck, I purchased a set of pillows from you hoping that they would be “the ones.” THEY WERE!!!  I have purchased approximately oh, I don’t know maybe 35 to 45 sets of pillows through the years trying to find something to sleep on.  In one year alone, I purchased six sets because I was tired of waking up with a crick in my neck and the daily headache that followed.  But NO MORE!!!  I love my new set of Crown Pillows!!!  They are wonderful, I sleep through the night and wake up without a headache!!!  So hats off to you for bringing such a great product to town!!!   On behalf of my “Sand Man”, let me say THANK YOU!!!”
 – Renee’ Little Mason, Bossier City, LA
“I haven’t slept this well in years.  Your Visco Heir ET memory foam mattress has given me relief from the chronic musculoskeletal pain that I have been suffering from for many years, in just the few days I have slept on it.  The mattress is beautiful and I love it. The customer service has been exceptional as well! I shopped high and low for a visco memory foam mattress and decided on yours and believe that I have made the right decision!”
 – Emily, Miami FL
“Our second bed!  Hello!  I just ordered my 2nd bed boss bed. We originally bought another company’s inexpensive beds since we only needed them for 2 years. Then I bought my 1st mattress from you because my fibromyalgia couldn’t handle my “budget mattress”. Now that we’ve been asked to stay on at my job for another year (or 2), I need to give my husband a better mattress. He just turned 77 and deserves his comfort, too. I can’t wait for my husband’s mattress to arrive. Thank you!”
– LB from Maryland
“Chiropractor Recommended!  As a Chiropractic Physician, I treat many patients who have back pain. One of the first questions I ask is “How old is your mattress”. When your mattress starts to go bad, it does not give you the spinal support that you need while you are resting. As a result , you get a poor nights sleep and you wake up with a stiff painful back in the morning . I sleep on a VISCO Heir ET, and I must say it is fantastic.”
Dr. Curt P. Summers, Huntsville Alabama
I LOVE this place!
They have GREAT customer service. Every question I asked, even my off the wall questions were answered. They made sure I picked the right mattress for me and that I loved it. They asked me exactly how my husband and I sleep to make sure we were looking at mattresses that best fit our sleep patterns. They are even kid friendly! They had toys for my 3 year old to play with while I shopped and had a kid friendly movie playing as well. I would recommend this store to anybody that’s looking to buy new mattresses or pillows or anything. Great place to go!
Brittany Miller
I had a great experience here. I came in because I saw a promo on groupon. I didn’t end up using the promo but I found a great mattress. The staff were really nice and patient with me as we found a mattress of my liking. These are high quality Sealy mattresses that the owner purchases at a whole sale price making your price really good. My favorite thing about the store is that Jamie (owner) was able to hold the mattress for me at the store until I was able to find a new apartment for free. Very nice people!
Sabrina Laflame
Jared is awesome! He really knows his stuff about beds. We got an amazing deal on a memory foam king size bed. Jared explained to me the differences in the various types of bed, including the material makeup. Most places that sell a mattress just know how to sell, not actually know what they are selling. He provides high quality service and products for a super low price. I highly recommend stopping by to see him. I haven’t slept this good in years!!
Jolene Clayton
Bought a bed from them and I Love it. I shopped around for weeks until I decided to purchase from them and it was a great decision. Customer service is unmatched. I was able to get in touch with them after hours with questions, you can’t get that type of service at the other mattress stores. I definitely recommend cloudz to anyone considering purchasing a new bed.
Justin Winkler
This company is beyond professional and so helpful. My husband and I met the owners and they are so honest and kind. We bought a mattress from Gerard and got a great deal! Best mattress we’ve ever owned … After having multiple surgeries we finally have a mattress I can be comfortable in…. I definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of a new mattress at a reasonable price !!
Bailey Allison